Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Interiors

1958-1959 Interior Options

We import, from Germany, some of the same material that was in your early VW. Karmann Ghia interiors are not easy to duplicate. We were able to find the “diamond material” that was used on all Karmann Ghia door panels from 1958 to 1962, so our door panels from that era are very nice.  

Seat cover set: $1,320.00, 

With German cloth for the centers the price is $1,640.00 

Extra material for rear seat area and package tray: $80.00 

Door panel set: $1,080.00  

Windlaces: $180.00 

Arm rest new upholstered: $150.00 

Door panel lower 4 molding set: $170.00 

Door panel upper 2 molding set: $225.00 

German Square Weave Carpet (19 Piece): $1,740.00  

Rubber Firewall Mat: $28.00  

German Cloth Headliner 1955-1962 “Coupe”: $325.00 

White Perf Headliner 1963-1969 “Coupe”: $150.00 

German Strechwool Headliner 1958-1962 Convertible: $930.00 

White Perf Headliner 1963-1969 Convertible: $330.00 

German Cloth Top: $630.00 

German Cloth Top Boot: $510.00

1960 Interior Options

1963 Interior Options

1964 Interior Options

1964 Type 3 Interior Options

1970-1971 Ghia Coupe

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