1959-1961 Volkswagen Bus

Interior Options

We import from Germany some of the same materials that was in your early Bus when it was new. We have also found many good vinyl’s here in the states that match what was original. With these materials, we can duplicate the original interior your Bus had.  

Complete Front seat cover $630.00  

Complete Middle long seat cover $750.00  

Complete Middle short seat cover $630.00  

Complete Rear seat cover $630.00  

Vinyl covers Walk thru Front seat frames $180.00  

Complete 11pc door panel set $2,280.00 

Bench wall / bulkhead 4 pcs kit set $550.00 

Walk Thru panel set $390.00 

Door panel Screw set (60 peices): $24.00

Extra material for parcel tray and rear gas filler bulge: $40  

Complete panel molding set $265.00. 

German Sq Weave rear carpet $290.00 

German wool headliner non sunroof Beige or Gray $ 1,595.00  

German wool headliner sunroof Beige or Gray $1,680.00.  

German cloth sunroof cover: $330.00 

Vinyl sunroof cover $270.00 

Rubber floor mat Front $250.00 

Rubber floor mat Cargo $260.00 

Rubber for under Bulkhead (bench) $60.00 

Rubber for wrap around Walk-thru seats $60.00 

New arm rest each (car needs 3): Call for price 

Seat Kicks with clips Seat Kicks $570.00 *

**New Aluminum Walk-Thru molding set $160.00

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