At West Coast Classic Interiors, we are proud to make original-style vintage Volkswagen Interior products, including seat covers, door panels, carpet kits, and headliners.

We make these fine, high-quality interiors from scratch paying close attention to the grain, color, shape, and precise stitching. Our products are as close to the original as possible and will make the interior of your classic Volkswagen comfortable and beautiful.


Volkswagen Buses, Bugs, Ghia, and Type 3 vehicles are among the most recognized classic cars on the road today. Almost everyone is connected, one way or another to a vintage Volkswagen, which makes them so great. We love being a part of those great memories and new adventures with our quality Volkswagen interiors.

It all started in 1986 when Lenny Copp had a passion for VW vehicles and took that interest and turned it into the business of restoring and repairing these unique classic cars. West Coast Classic Interiors became well-known for its top-quality interior kits as the years passed.

It was time to pass the torch with many great years of producing quality interiors to the Volkswagen community. Silver Lining Auto Restoration, a premier Volkswagen restoration shop with only quality in mind, was a perfect match to continue carrying the torch.

Silver Lining Auto Restoration exclusively used West Coast Classic Interior kits on our builds. Seeing the lack of quality and craftsmanship in the other suppliers, it was clear that we had to acquire West Coast from Lenny when he was ready to shut down the sewing machine.

With many conversations and even a surprise visit to Fullerton to purchase the business, Lenny Copp knew West Coast would be in great hands. We thank him for the many years of service, and now we are poised to continue and build upon the name the community expects from West Coast Classic Interiors.

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